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Saint Joseph's Church, Shirebrook

Address: St Joseph’s Catholic Church, Langwith Road, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire NG20 9RP

Off road parking is available by the church

Mass, Devotions and Confession

Wednesday: Mass at 7.00pm

Confessions follow the 7.00pm Wednesday Mass

Saturday: Mass at 5.00pm

* Weekday times may be subject to change, check the latest newsletter.

Patron Saint

Saint Joseph was husband to the Blessed Virgin Mary and foster father to Jesus. All that we know about him comes from the Gospels. He was a carpenter from Nazareth, a descendant from King David and was betrothed to Mary. He followed the promptings of God in remaining with Mary after she was found to be pregnant with Jesus, and was warned by an angel to flee into Egypt with Mary and Jesus in order to escape the persecution of Herod. Nothing is known of Joseph after Jesus is twelve, by which we surmise he died before Jesus began his public ministry. He is patron of the universal church, caring for the body of Christ from heaven as he did his foster son whilst on earth. As well as patron of our church, Saint Joseph is also patron of unborn children, fathers, workers, travellers, immigrants, and a happy death. His feast days are kept on 19 March and 1 May.

About the church

Shirebrook grew as a mining town from the late 19th century. Mass was said from 1900 in a converted barn, and then in a building intended as an isolation hospital. The man put in charge of the mission was Fr Charles Froes. He purchased the site on Langwith Road in 1905-1906 from the Duke of Devonshire, and built the present church at a cost of £2,500. The foundation stone was laid on October 5 1907 by Bishop Brindle (foundation stone in north aisle). The church was built by Irish labourers, and the early congregation was drawn from the local colliery. Fr Froes died in 1930 and is buried in the churchyard.